Stethoscope Recommended by Experts

Importance of Stethoscope In Medical Profession- Which Stethoscope Is Mostly Used In Hospital And Which Stethoscope Is Recommended By Experts?

Stethoscope is a widely used highly essential medical device. It is the first tool that any medical practitioner uses to evaluate a patient to diagnose and determine his condition. It would not be wrong to say that the first instrument a medical or nursing student learns to use and the first instrument they purchase is a stethoscope.

doctor using stethoscope

Importance of Stethoscope

Auscultation is the primary use of a stethoscope, that is, it helps to listen to the internal sounds made by the body such as that of the lungs, intestines, heart beats, and flow of blood from the peripheral veins. It helps to establish any medical problems right from cardiovascular issues ranging from arrhythmia’s to murmurs or identify respiratory problems like presence of fluids in lungs or to listen to a developing foetus in a pregnant woman.  The stethoscope can help differentiate between the normal lub-dub of the atrioventricular valves and pulmonic and aortic valves of the heart from the murmurs and whoosh sounds that are produced when there are turbulences and irregularities in the normal blood flow.

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Which Stethoscope Should I Choose?

Stethoscope is the only device that a medical student needs to purchase while studying. It is an important purchase as a stethoscope is the first tool used by doctors, nurses, physicians, and healthcare providers to examine patients and diagnose the problem immediately.

What constitutes a Stethoscope?

A stethoscope consists of parts like ear pieces, a binaural made of metal that connects the two ear pieces, a tubing through which sound travels and a chest piece and is placed on the patient’s body to detect and diagnose abnormalities. The chest further has two components, a diaphragm and a bell which help to catch and transmit high and low frequency sound waves respectively.


Which Stethoscope to Choose?

A stethoscope can be chosen depending on your use and need as well budget. The primary function of a stethoscope is to aid auscultation, that is, to help listening to sounds of the body such as heart beats, pulse, sounds of the lung, intestines, blood flowing through the peripheral veins as well as sounds of a developing foetus inside a pregnant woman. Thus chiefly, the stethoscope should be able to perform this function well.

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